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#constant precision

pub const precision = f32(10e-7)

Sum types

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#fn add

fn add(a Mat4, b Mat4) Mat4

Sum of matrix function

#fn blank_v4

fn blank_v4() Vec4

Return a blank vector

#fn calc_tr_matrices

fn calc_tr_matrices(w f32, h f32, rx f32, ry f32, in_scale f32) Mat4

Get the complete transformation matrix for GLSL demos

#fn deg

fn deg(grad f32) f32

Translate radians to degrees

#fn det

fn det(x Mat4) f32

Calculate the determinant of the Matrix

#fn look_at

fn look_at(eye Vec4, center Vec4, up Vec4) Mat4

Calculate the look-at matrix

#fn mul

fn mul(a Mat4, b Mat4) Mat4

Multiplication of matrix function

#fn mul_vec

fn mul_vec(a Mat4, v Vec4) Vec4

Multiply a Matrix by a vector

#fn one_v4

fn one_v4() Vec4

Return all one vector

#fn ortho

fn ortho(left f32, right f32, bottom f32, top f32, z_near f32, z_far f32) Mat4

calculate the Orthographic projection matrix

#fn perspective

fn perspective(fov f32, ar f32, n f32, f f32) Mat4

Calculate the perspective matrix using (fov:fov, ar:aspect_ratio ,n:near_pane, f:far_plane) as parameters

#fn rad

fn rad(deg f32) f32

Translate degrees to radians

#fn rotate

fn rotate(angle f32, w Vec4) Mat4

Get a rotation matrix using w as rotation axis vector, the angle is in radians

#fn scale

fn scale(w Vec4) Mat4

Get a scale matrix, the scale vector is w, only xyz are evaluated.

#fn set_m4

fn set_m4(value f32) Mat4

Return a matrix initialized with value

#fn set_v4

fn set_v4(value f32) Vec4

Set all elements to value

#fn sub

fn sub(a Mat4, b Mat4) Mat4

Subtraction of matrix function

#fn unit_m4

fn unit_m4() Mat4

Return a unity matrix

#fn vec3

fn vec3(x f32, y f32, z f32) Vec4

create a Vec4 function passing x,y,z as parameteres. w is set to 1

#fn zero_m4

fn zero_m4() Mat4

Return a zero matrix

#fn zero_v4

fn zero_v4() Vec4

Return a zero vector


#union Mat4

pub union Mat4 {
pub mut:
	e [16]f32
	f [4][4]f32

#fn (Mat4) str

fn (x Mat4) str() string

String representation of the matrix

#fn (Mat4) clean

fn (a Mat4) clean() Mat4

Remove all the raw zeros

#fn (Mat4) sum_all

fn (x Mat4) sum_all() f32

Sum all the elements of the matrix

#fn (Mat4) is_equal

fn (x Mat4) is_equal(y Mat4) bool

Check if two matrix are equal using module precision

#fn (Mat4) get_e

fn (x Mat4) get_e(elem_index int) f32

Set/Get values

Get an element of the matrix using [0..15] indexes, one dimension

#fn (Mat4) get_f

fn (x Mat4) get_f(index_col int, index_row int) f32

Get an element of the matrix using [0..3][0..3] indexes, two dimension

#fn (&Mat4) set_e

fn (mut x &Mat4) set_e(index int, value f32)

Set an element of the matrix using [0..15] indexes, one dimension

#fn (&Mat4) set_f

fn (mut x &Mat4) set_f(index_col int, index_row int, value f32)

Set an element of the matrix using [0..3][0..3] indexes, two dimension

#fn (&Mat4) copy

fn (mut x &Mat4) copy(y Mat4)

Copy a matrix elements from another matrix

#fn (&Mat4) set_trace

fn (mut x &Mat4) set_trace(v3 Vec4)

Set the trace of the matrix using a vec4

#fn (Mat4) get_trace

fn (x Mat4) get_trace() Vec4

Get the trace of the matrix

#fn (&Mat4) set_f32

fn (mut x &Mat4) set_f32(value f32)

Set all the matrix elements to value

#fn (&Mat4) set_row

fn (mut x &Mat4) set_row(row int, v3 Vec4)

Rows/Column access

Set the row as the input vec4

#fn (Mat4) get_row

fn (x Mat4) get_row(row int) Vec4

Get a row from a matrix

#fn (&Mat4) set_col

fn (mut x &Mat4) set_col(col int, v3 Vec4)

Set the column as the input vec4

#fn (Mat4) get_col

fn (x Mat4) get_col(col int) Vec4

Get a column from a matrix

#fn (&Mat4) swap_col

fn (mut x &Mat4) swap_col(col1 int, col2 int)

Swap two columns in the matrix

#fn (&Mat4) swap_row

fn (mut x &Mat4) swap_row(row1 int, row2 int)

Swap two rows in the matrix

#fn (Mat4) transpose

fn (x Mat4) transpose() Mat4

Modify data

Transpose the matrix

#fn (Mat4) mul_scalar

fn (x Mat4) mul_scalar(s f32) Mat4

Multiply the all the elements of the matrix by a scalar

#fn (Mat4) operator+

fn (a Mat4) + (b Mat4) Mat4

Sum of matrix, operator +

#fn (Mat4) operator-

fn (a Mat4) - (b Mat4) Mat4

Subtraction of matrix, operator -

#fn (Mat4) operator*

fn (a Mat4) * (b Mat4) Mat4

Multiplication of matrix, operator *

#fn (Mat4) inverse

fn (x Mat4) inverse() Mat4

Calculate the inverse of the Matrix

#fn (Mat4) translate

fn (x Mat4) translate(w Vec4) Mat4

Get a matrix translated by a vector w

#struct Vec4

pub struct Vec4 {
pub mut:
	e [4]f32

#fn (Vec4) str

fn (x Vec4) str() string

str returns a string representation of Vec4.

#fn (Vec4) clean

fn (a Vec4) clean() Vec4

Remove all the raw zeros

#fn (&Vec4) copy

fn (mut x &Vec4) copy(value f32)

Set all elements to value

#fn (Vec4) mul_scalar

fn (x Vec4) mul_scalar(value f32) Vec4

Scale the vector using a scalar

#fn (Vec4) inv

fn (x Vec4) inv() Vec4

Reciprocal of the vector

#fn (Vec4) normalize

fn (x Vec4) normalize() Vec4

Normalize the vector

#fn (Vec4) normalize3

fn (x Vec4) normalize3() Vec4

Normalize only xyz, w set to 0

#fn (Vec4) mod

fn (x Vec4) mod() f32

Module of the vector xyzw

#fn (Vec4) mod3

fn (x Vec4) mod3() f32

Module for 3d vector xyz, w ignored

#fn (Vec4) sum

fn (x Vec4) sum() f32

Sum of all the elements

#fn (Vec4) operator+

fn (a Vec4) + (b Vec4) Vec4


#fn (Vec4) operator-

fn (a Vec4) - (b Vec4) Vec4


#fn (Vec4) operator*

fn (a Vec4) * (b Vec4) f32

Dot product

#fn (Vec4) operator%

fn (a Vec4) % (b Vec4) Vec4

Cross product

#fn (Vec4) mul_vec4

fn (x Vec4) mul_vec4(y Vec4) Vec4

Components multiplication


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